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Aberdeen New Dawn

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May 2021: An update from fund manager James Thom

In an environment of rising inflation and input costs, companies with stronger pricing power, such as those that we hold, should fare better. They will likely be able to pass costs through to customers and protect margins. We are watchful of macroeconomic developments and monitor their potential impact on the portfolio through earnings and company guidance. Nonetheless, we invest based on a long-term horizon. We believe many of the changes sparked by the pandemic are here to stay, including faster adoption of cloud computing and e-commerce. In addition, Asia’s burgeoning middle class will fuel rising demand for healthcare services and wealth management, while the region’s urbanisation and infrastructure needs remain vast. We remain focused on quality Asian companies that are best-placed to capitalise on these structural growth opportunities.

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Fund Description

Investing in locally chosen, high quality, Asia-Pacific companies

Investment Objective

To provide shareholders with a high level of capital growth through equity investment in the Asia Pacific countries excluding Japan.

AIC Sector classification: Asia Pacific

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