About Us

doceo [do.ke.o] Latin verb: to teach, to inform, to show

How often do you hear directly from the people you trust with your money?

With more investors managing their own money through investment trusts, we believe you should have access to the same information from the investment manager as a professional investor when making your investment decisions.

By registering with doceo you will have free access to short, informative videos allowing you to hear regularly from your chosen investment managers, as quickly as professional investors.

We also make it easy for you to compare existing and potential investments and will alert you when updates on your favourite funds are available.

Our mission

To promote transparency to all shareholders by providing retail investors with a platform to access regular, timely updates direct from investment managers through bite-size, analytical videos.

The doceo platform

Our whole-of-market platform enables retail investors to research existing trusts free of charge and discover potential new investment ideas.

We then keep users informed via regular bite-size, analytical videos direct to their inbox as soon as a manager posts an update.

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